Stoicism, Male Suicide and “He for She”

Feminists tend to blame the high rates of male suicide on just one thing : the traditional male gender role that says men should internalize everything, be less expressive, be tough and “man up”

While I do think there is some truth in this, that is only a (small)part of the answer.

For one, we can’t ignore the amount of outreach programs and campaigns designed to support/help women, as opposed to the amount designed to do the same for men (but more on HeforShe later). The simple truth is, women are much more likely to receive outside help than men. They are much more likely to feel someone will be there to listen to them, or help them. Men may have a harder time expressing themselves, but that will likely not change if they don’t feel they have someone there for them that will listen and not judge.They won’t express themselves if no one is there to listen.

(Emma Watson, in her HeforShe speech mentions both male suicide, and the idea that men should be able to be “vulnerable and human too”, yet the campaign she stands for is uninterested in what men have to say because its aimed solely at helping women and girls, as their homepage states. It certainly doesn’t seem to have any interest in addressing the issues affecting men, not directly at least, which, basically, just continues to reenforce the very same contributing factor to male suicide that Emma is supposed to be against.How can men become “vulnerable” if they can’t speak out about their own issues?)

Second, stoicism in certain cases may be a contributing factor, but in itself is not the source of the problem in the vast majority of cases. Happy men, no matter how stoic, will not kill themselves for just any ole thing. Alot of the issues that cause suicide may be the same for men and women, but others aren’t. One just has to look at the ratio of suicide rates between newly divorced men and newly divorced women, and the rates of men being stripped of their identities as fathers,  to realize this.One also could find that men being the ones who go into war, experience more violence, and are the vast majority in dangerous, thankless jobs contributes far more to the problem than “manning up” does. Stoicism may not help in some cases, but its not the root of the problem. The root of the problem is what first needs to be addressed. If the root of some of these problems boys and men face stem from traditional gender roles, they should be addressed as directly and with as much attention as the ones that face women.

One can imagine how many male suicides could have been prevented if the money used for “Ban Bossy” was used for a campaign directed at lowering the male suicide rate. Imagine if the campaign didn’t tell men they needed to change for things to improve,or that their own behavior was the root of their problems, but reassured men that, whether they wanted to express themselves or not, they would still be considered “human and vulnerable too”, and that there would always be a listening ear for them in case they needed it.

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Feminists, you do NOT represent or speak for all women.

YEAH!!! men experience sexism too :’((((( DO NOT PRIORITIZE WOMEN!!! because!!! we all experience sexism!!! like women have lower pay, are disproportionately victims of rape, are dismissed as “being on their periods” when emotional, called hysterical, irrational, discriminated against in fields of science and math and men…………………………………………………….

but like lol I’m not experiencing sexism so feminism has no point lmao 

hehe the last one has an asterisk “assumed to be” 

there ain’t no assumption in privilege and oppression

Oh you don’t need feminism? So you’re telling me you’ll take the lower pay? The perpetuation of rape culture?

If you’re saying you “don’t need feminism”, then honey, you haven’t met the right feminists.

No, I don’t need your deceitful movement full of inaccuracy and misinformation.

Wage gap myth:

Here are some by women

US Department of Labor

The Gender Pay Gap is a Complete Myth

Gender pay gap is not what activists claim

Equal pay statistics are bogus because they don’t compare like with like

Fair Pay Isn’t Always Equal Pay

The Wage Gap Myth

Don’t Blame Discrimination for Gender Wage Gap

The pay inequality myth: Women are more equal than you think

Women Now a Majority in American Workplaces

Labor force participation rate for men has never been lower.

Share of Men in Labor Force at All-Time Low

Women In Tech Make More Money And Land Better Jobs Than Men

Female U.S. corporate directors out-earn men:

Female CEOs outearned men in 2009.

Women between ages 21 and 30 working full-time made 117% of men’s

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, single women between 22 and 30 years old earn an average of $27,000 a year. That’s 8% more than comparable men.

Workplace Salaries: At Last, Women on Top,8599,2015274,00.html

Young Women’s Pay Exceeds Male Peers

The 15 Jobs Where Women Earn More Than Men

Women aged between 22 and 29 earn over £10 per hour on average, compared to men their same age who earn just under this amount.—news-800761492

Young women now earn more than men in UK

The only chairwoman in the FTSE 100 index of biggest British companies, when asked about government efforts to force companies to make at least 25% of board member to be female said: “there’s no real evidence to suggest women being on a board makes the companies any better – what we’re doing here is forcing an experiment.” This was further supported in the book “Why Men Earn More” by Warren Farrell, Ph.D., examined 25 career/life choices men and women make (hours, commute times, etc.) that lead to men earning more and women having more balanced lives, and that showed how men in surveys prioritize money while women prioritize flexibility, shorter hours, shorter commutes, less physical risk and other factors conducive to their choice to be primary parents, an option men still largely don’t have. That is why never-married childless women outearn their male counterparts, and female corporate directors now outearn their male counterparts.…

Farrell also lists dozens of careers, including fields of science, where women outearn men. Women simply have more options than men to be primary parents, and many of them exercise that option rather than work long, stressful hours. That is why 57% of female graduates of Stanford and Harvard left the workforce within 15 years of entry into the workforce. This is an option few men have (try being a single male and telling women on the first date that you want to stay home).

Blaming men for women’s choices is unfair. In fact research shows most men have no problem with their wives outearning them.

Research also shows most working dads would quit or take a pay cut to spend more time with kids if their spouses could support the family.

Research also shows that parents share workloads more when mothers allow men to be primary parents.

ABC News: “Is the Wage Gap Women’s Choice? Research Suggests Career Decisions, Not Sex Bias, Are at Root of Pay Disparity”

There is also the myth that women are kept out of certain more lucrative fields by sexism. The truth is that women stay away from math out of their own free choice

Women In Science: No Discrimination, Says Cornell Study

Let’s be real about the lack of women in tech

Here are some by women

US Department of Labor

RAINN has officially dismantled feminist rape culture hysteria.

Statistics don’t back up Rape culture

When you have to lie about the prevalence of a crime, you’re not doing women any favors.

Rape is not the “epidemic” that people are trying to claim it is.  It has actually decreased dramatically in the past few decades - up to 80% since 1979despite an increase in the willingness of victims to report them.  This is even further supported by data directly from the U.S. Bureau of Justice.

The only thing that HAS been increasing are FALSE reports of rape, which do a lot more harm to the lives of others than you may want to believe.

40% of rapists are female  1

Men are raped in the military

Men Outnumber Women Among American Rape Victims

Male statutory rape victims forced to pay child support

59% of male rapists had been previously heterosexually molested.



Men want protection against false rape allegations. They feel that a man’s life should not be ruined simply on the allegation of a woman who may be a vindictive liar. Currently, a woman can accuse a man of rape for no reason, and the man’s name is splashed in the paper and his life is ruined. So, they fought for laws granting men anonymity until charged with the crime of rape—not convicted, just charged.

Feminists fought against this, causing it to fail. Also see here, the London Feminist Network campaigning to defeat the proposal.

Men want an end to the justice system favoring women simply because they are women, and giving men harsher sentences simply because they are men.

Feminists fought against this, arguing that no woman should be sent to jail, even women who had murdered multiple people.

Men want equal treatment when victims of domestic violence, and to not be arrested for the crime of “being male” under primary aggressor policies.

Feminists fought against this by trying to suppress evidence showing that half of domestic violence is done by women, by threatening the researchers with bomb threats, death threats, etc. Modern, younger feminists are doing it as well.

The feminist definition of domestic violence has skewed arrest and prosecution philosophies, resulting primarily in having only male batterers criminally pursued.

Men want female rapists to be arrested, charged, and convicted with rape. In Western countries, women are rarely punished when raping men, due to the biased legal system. In some countries, women cannot be punished when raping men, since rape is defined as a male-perpetrated crime.

Feminists fought against this in India, arguing that “there is a physicality [in] rape” and that it would make things “more complicated for judges.”

Feminists fought against this in Israel, claiming that changing the law would result in men filing false rape claims.

Men don’t want to be thrown in jail because they lost their jobs and temporarily cannot pay child support.

Feminists fought against this, trying to lower the amount to $5000 before a man is guilty of a felony for not paying child support. If a man loses a decent-paying job, he will now be a felon, go to jail, lose his right to vote, AND be unable to find future jobs—if he cannot regain an equal-paying job within a few months.

Men want equal economic support and help from the government. When the recession hit, male-dominated fields like construction lost millions of jobs, while female-fields like education and healthcare gained jobs. So the government proposed an economic stimulus for those fields.

Feminists successfully fought against this, arguing that it was discrimination to support men, and caused the government to give money to women who didn’t deserve it. Hundreds of professional feminists complained against the “sexism” of helping men (who had lost jobs) and not women (who had gained jobs).

A representative of the Michigan National Organization for Women testified in opposition to the Revocation of Paternity Act, which stopped the old law which stated that if a woman was married and cheated on her husband, the resulting child is considered to be legally the husband’s and the biological father had no legal rights to fight for custody or parenting time with his biological child.

In 2008, a law was passed in England and Wales that allowed long-term domestic violence victims who killed their abuser to be charged with the lesser charge of manslaughter, but this only applies to women

In California and Montana, a woman can name any man she likes as the father, he gets a letter in the mail, if he does not prove he isn’t the father within 30 days he is now the father and must payHe cannot contest it. And DNA tests to prove paternity are not considered proof by the courts.

Women who falsely accuse a man of rape, who would be sent to prison for 10+ years if convicted, only gets fined or a slap on the wrist.

There is also the gender bias in the Probation Departments:

A higher score on the Probation Assessment Tool (PAT) means a recommendation that could lead to eventual dismissal of charges. A lower score means probation or lockup, not to mention the juvenile delinquent tag. [Judge] Hunt claims PAT routinely rewards girls with 14 extra points for gender alone, while boys get 0. 

Then there are studies that show women who fail to pay child support are incarcerated only 1/8th as often as men with similar violations.

The feminist definition of domestic violence has skewed arrest and prosecution philosophies, resulting in having mostly male batterers criminally pursued, and female batterers left alone.

Men who are falsely accused of rape can have their names published and their lives ruined even if they are not convicted or charged - their accuser is protected and is likely to face no punishment, or a light one.

Feminists threaten to kill woman for saying men need abuse shelters.

Feminists prevent a meeting about male suicide.

Feminists stage mock murders to scare men. 

Feminist attacks male cartoonist and is hailed a hero of feminism.

Feminists shut down forum for battered husbands.

Propaganda campaign against male fathers wanting custody.

Feminists wish to slander accused names before convicted. 

Try to shut down female prisons.

Create rape laws that exclude female rapists.

Make it impossible to charge women with rape.

Feminists against equal custody.

Female felons should serve home sentences.

Told judges to be lenient on women.

Feminists cover up female domestic violence.

Feminists don’t want the gov to help unemployed men.

Feminists launch campaigns to help girls only while boys are doing worse in every facet of education.

Males who were raped as a child still have to pay child support.

Women should have the right to put a child up for adoption before the father gets custody.

Feminists against beyond reasonable doubt when it’s male rapists.

5 rights feminism ignores for men.

Feminists blame males for their abuse.

The primary aggressor clause where only men get charged with abuse.

Shame men into going to war.

Feminists dismiss female child rapists.

Feminists say men can’t talk about domestic abuse.

Feminists mock a man who has his dick cut off.

feminists attack church.

Feminists transphobia

Feminists say Men can’t be raped. 

Feminists defend female raping minor.

Feminist defends why fucking an 8 year old boy isn’t rape.

Feminists primary aggressor clause discriminates against males.

Feminists cover up female domestic abuse stats.

Woman smashing bottle in mans face in public. Nobody gives a fuck.

Jezebel mocks men who are abused.

Feminists make sure the gov doesn’t spend money on male shelters or male research.

Female on male abuse in public is at best ignored, and at worst celebrated.

Public stops a man from abusing a woman in public, same crowd laughs when the roles are reversed. 

No funding for male shelters. 

Founder of Canadas only male shelter for abuse forced to close due to lack of funding before committing suicide. 

Female Reporter Bullied by Feminists at the National Young Feminist Leadership Conference

Forgive me if you’re too bitter to accept that not all women want to associate with a movement like feminism.

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Roger Waters is so adorable…


Roger Waters is so adorable…

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Happy Birthday, George Roger Waters
~ 6th September, 1943 ~

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Roger Waters & Gustavo Cerati

R.I.P Gustavo


Roger Waters & Gustavo Cerati

R.I.P Gustavo

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Roger Waters & Gustavo Cerati


Roger Waters & Gustavo Cerati

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Friendly reminder that social justice is a vicious cancer on basic humanity.


Friendly reminder that social justice is a vicious cancer on basic humanity.

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Mad Men Challenge
[3/8] Characters:
 Stan Rizzo

"Look, I’ve read your brochure, I have no interest in the temperance movement."

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